Getting ready for your family photo session might have you feeling anxious and confused.

You’re trying to figure out what to wear, what your session will be like, and how you’ll get your 2 year old to stay happy throughout the session. 


The first thing you need to do is relax. Trust that your photographer has lots of experience and will guide you through your session, even if your little one has a meltdown or you have no experience in front of a camera. 


I know, that doesn’t actually ease your anxiety about your family photo session. You want it go well and because you’re a mom, you’re prone to worry. (I think it’s in our DNA or something!)

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    Here’s a few tips that will help you as you’re getting ready for your family photos session. 

    • Work with your photographer to choose a location that suits your needs and provides the backdrop you want. Your photographer can give you great tips for choosing the perfect location, keeping in mind the age of your kids, the decor in your home, locations that are meaningful to you, and your personal preferences. 

    • Choose your outfit first. If you’re not sure, ask your photographer for guidance on what colors and styles would work best with your location and any insecurities you may have. The very first person you’re going to look at in the final photos is yourself. This isn’t because you’re selfish, it’s because you’re human. Everyone does this. As soon as we see an image we immediately begin to analyze ourselves. You need to feel confident in the way you look and comfortable at the session so you’ll love your final images. You’ll love the way everyone else looks no matter what so choose your outfit first.

    • Choose outfits for the rest of your family that compliment your outfit. If you want more guidance on choosing coordinating outfits, read this guide. If you’re working with me, use your code for (outfit choosing website) to help you put together the perfect outfits). 

    • Layout all outfits on your bed to see if it looks the way you want. Colors should be cohesive, but not perfectly matching. You can add jewelry, scarfs, or other accessories to add color if you want.

    • On the day of the shoot, give your self enough time for your own hair and makeup. You may want to go have it done as a special treat. Ask your photographer if you’d like recommendations for a stylist. 
    castle rock family photography
    • Tell your family what time you’ll all be getting ready and give yourself plenty of extra time. If you have littles, you can bring the outfits in the car and dress them at the session. Just make sure to arrive early if you plan to do this.

    • Bring your make up bag, a change of clothes if you have little kids, and a few non messy snacks/treats. Goldfish, pretzels, smarties, marshmallows. Think of things that your kids love, but won’t stain their face or clothes.

    • Relax and have fun. Things won’t go perfectly and that’s ok. Your photog should be able to handle most situations and will work hard to get the images you want. Let him/her do the work at the session. She’ll direct you and give you directions. Don’t worry about correcting your kids the whole time. Instead, try to laugh and engage with your family just like you would if you were there together. That will ensure the most genuine smiles and happier kids!


    Getting ready for your family photo session may feel stressful, but just remember, it’s not your job to make everything run smoothly.

    Your family photographer works with lots of different families and understands the challenges. The more relaxed you can be the better. Your kids will feed off of your energy so stay positive and let your photographer do the rest!